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Jul 14, 2021

Looking back, Nathan Winters says that his appointment as CFO of GE Healthcare’s global supply chain was in every way a milestone in his career—a high-calorie leadership stint that would ultimately propel him into the CFO office at Zebra Technologies (NASDAQ: ZBRA), a publicly traded provider of digital workflow and tracking solutions.

Says Winters: “It gave me the responsibility for delivering productivity, improving working capital, and thinking about how we transform the supply chain to really create value for the company.”

It also charged Winters with leading a global team spanning more than 50 manufacturing sites.

“I had to quickly learn how to lead differently, drive change, and deliver results,” he explains.

After 17 years with GE, Winters joined Zebra in 2018  as vice president of corporate development and business operations.

“This was just a great opportunity for me to leverage my operational background in a technology company but move outside my comfort zone,” comments Winters, who adds that his first few years at Zebra also opened the door to new experiences.

“I was exposed to investor relations, board communications, and the debt equity markets in ways in which I had not been exposed before,” he comments.

“This was really the missing piece that helped to allow me to step into the CFO role earlier this year,” says Winters, closing the loop on his GE-to-CFO journey. –Jack Sweeney

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